Our Committees

KU-MUN 2020 will host 7 committees, offering unprecedented opportunities for students to explore their interest in diverse global issues and develop their critical thinking, teamwork and public speaking skills during our conference. For the first time in KU-MUN history, we will be offering a bilingual committee run in both English and Hindi, this year’s chosen language. With the goal of fostering a greater global outlook and offering students a complete immersion in South Asian geopolitics, we are looking forward to seeing the delegates in this committee practice their language skills and further their understanding of the intersection of cultures. Furthermore, KU-MUN will safeguard the interests of unexperienced delegates, who are new to MUN, and will enjoy an interactive experience with staffers who will guide them through parliamentary procedure. With no further ado, here are KU-MUN’s 7 committees:

KU-MUN 2020

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