Nupur Khandelwal is pursuing BBA LLB Hons.(Corporate Law). She is a person who takes up responsibility and delivers it. She has been a part of a few MUN conferences both as delegate as well as Organising committee member. She also has volunteering experience in Youth Parliament 2018 and in a talk show hosted by best selling author Chetan Bhagat. She is dedicated to work and never compromises with it. She is an avid learner and has learnt many key aspects in her past internships and has a knowledge of various legal aspects. She believes that MUN conferences help in a very of aspects whether it is the art of diplomacy, teamwork or even horning the personality in general. She is an optimist who also believes that growth and change come with the knowledge of understanding the time, and that has indeed made any circuit as diverse and growing as it is. She wishes that all the delegates go back with a bag full of memories along with an exhilarating learning experience.

Arpit Jain is a student from Ahmedabad and is currently pursuing BBA Hons. from United World School of Business, Karnavati University. He is a person who adamantly believes in his opinions and is of the opinion that MUNs are a great platform to present your views and ideas. He reckons that MUNs offer individuals the perfect opportunity to develop diverse perspectives and thoughts. He regards every person has the potential to excel in something as long as they put their heart into it.He is a sports freak and has interest in history of wars. Along with this he has strong political views and is tenacious about his beliefs. He contemplates that MUNs add to the comprehensive development of an individual and provide scope for depicting your abilities and learn something new every time. He cherishes the experience of organizing events and takes an active part in the same. He invites all the delegates to experience the fruitful debate and learn something fascinating.

Utsav Kumar is a third-year student at UnitedWorld School Of Law. Born in Delhi and raised here in Ahmedabad, Utsav was introduced to MUNs through his High School teachers and has been present in the field since then. His passion for Debating and Researching have taken him throughout the country participating in various MUNs. Utsav also teaches at an NGO which provides free of cost education to children’s of labourers and social help. This will be Utsav’s sixth consecutive year working within the realm of Model UN, starting as a Delegate of his high school’s MUN team, and working his way through the Secretariat of KUMUN, this year joining as Head of Marketing & Outreach. Utsav hopes to make KUMUN’s presence felt and help a huge delegate turnout for fun and fruitful debate!

Ayush Agarwal is a budding businessman who has always believed that discipline and confidence are the keys to success. He is the Operations Head of Karnavati University’s Student Governing Council. He is good at execution and also managing events. He has tons of experience in organizing events like Youth Parliament of India, India Design Confluence, Web series, Music concerts, Fashion shows and etc. He loves to explore on share market and wants to keep himself updated every time with everything. His ever needing sense of gaining knowledge has always kept him on his toes and never stopped him from working harder to reach the higher ends. At KUMUN, he is putting all his efforts to see that right platform is provided to the voices that need to be heard. Join him with KUMUN in shaping personalities and showcase your debating perspectives.

Devyani Vijayan is pursuing her bachelors of design from United world institute of Design. She is a very determined person who likes to take responsibilities and tries her very best to deliver it. She has been a part of a couple of MUN’s. Both as a delegate and as a part of the IP. As a delegate, she has strong opinions and believes in them. She’s confident about her ability to handle situations.

Sonali’s creative edge is possibly the most unmatchable trait she possesses. Currently, she is pursuing Graphic Design in Unitedworld Institute Of Design. She has been an active member of the KU Student Council and has worked for curating art installations & decor for most of the events. The exquisiteness of her artsy and her flair to paint and doodle not only pleases your eye but can convince you that she indeed can create magic. She is extremely passionate about her work & constantly works hard towards achieving her dreams. Apart from showing off her artsy skills,she has always been successful in singing the wrong lyrics,laughing at the wrong moment and perennially being late on most occasions. Being born & brought up in Mumbai,she’s quite a Mumbaikar with her Bumbaiyya slangs. She loves exploring new places and opportunities. Being it her maiden experience at the MUN’s, she is trying to bridge the gap between audience and the delegates through the social media creatives of the KUMUN.

Khushboo is a hushed human with a high spirited soul, doing her Bachelors in Lifestyle and Accessories Design from Unitedworld Institute of Design. Coming from the City of Dreams, she is an avid daydreamer with passions that reaches the sky. Sharp-witted than the average, she has been an active member in everything going on and about in college as the Cultural Head of the Student Governing Council of Karnavati University. In a room full of people latched inside she might be one of those who are passionate about finding her efficacy and work her way through the door lock with the intention of breaking boundaries and moving forward. She is very forthright and isn’t afraid to speak out her mind and serve her thoughts on a golden platter. Vigorous from a very young age, Khushboo has played National level handball and has gone to many countries as well to pursue her passion for sports. Khushboo is not afraid of changes and loves to learn new things. Her capabilities are shaped with utmost creativity. She is self remunerative and has a startup of her own. But don’t let her dorky specs fool you, cause it when comes to parties, she never lacks in throwing the best ones. Being selectively social is her thing but give her a chance and she’ll win everyone’s heart with her charm.

Rasik Agrawal currently a student of Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Marketing at Unitedworld School of Business. He is born and brought up in Varanasi also called as the City of Ghats. He comes from a business background family of textile and has experience of doing business for 4 years wherein he has launched a brand for female garment. He is given the position of Treasurer in Student Governing Council of Karnavati University. He has good marketing skills and is also good at closing deals. He has lots of past experiences in many events like Youth Parliament of India, Indian Design Confluence, Web Series, Music Concerts, Fashion Shows etc. He is more of a field working person and likes to visit new places and also likes to meet new people and share and gain experiences. He has always been a very hardworking and work-oriented person who always tries to seek new work in new segments. KU-MUN in going to be a totally new event for him and he is looking forward to do, learn, make contacts etc. In this, he is been given to head Sponsorship and he going to give the best to get and to make it a great event by finance, marketing etc. perspective

Yashita is a third year mass communication student. As a media student she understands the importance of the right to freedom of speech and expression. According to her MUNs is one of the best platforms where people mainly students can put forward their opinions and also get aware regarding the national as well as international issues so that opinions can be formed. These conferences gives chance to showcase communication skills and also help in developing one. As a young country it’s very important to know that this generation feels or has to say.with this spirit she would like to welcome all the parliamentarians and wish them good luck.

Mukul Jain currently a student of Business Management at Unitedworld School of Business. He is born and brought up in Udaipur between the breathtaking lakes of Udaipur. He has always been keen to work in events from early school days. He has always been a great orator and known to handle people and situations alike just by words. He has a very special place for organizing events in his heart. Nothing has ever stopped him from learning and exploring far from his field. He firmly believes in daydreaming so he is often found sleeping during day time. Being it his maiden experience in the MUN’s he is ready to serve all the delegates with his plethora experience of working in cultural events as he is the head of cultural committee at Karnavati University and he also has worked upon talk shows of Chetan Bhagat and many more massive events like India Design Confluence and Youth Parliament of India. In KU-MUN he is looking forward to serve you with utmost comfort and ready to give you world-class hospitality.